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Online Video for your Business

Perhaps the biggest change in business models occurred with the advent of the internet. Today, a business website is as essential as a telephone number. Video is the most effective part of an online presence. From direct sales through e-commerce and lead generation, a video is at work for you every hour of the day and is everywhere in the internet.

The image your video projects is also crucial to your business. It needs to be produced with an eye toward contemporary aesthetics with the highest quality, while providing your target audience with relevant content. Plus, just like a website, your video has to be optimized for search engines so that your prospects can find you among millions of other videos.

Our video production team can create a video that becomes an essential marketing tool. From customer testimonials to product demonstrations, corporate communications and social media content, we will help you meet your goals and increase your online presence.




Project Details:


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1   Digital Cinema Florida Logo Design | Custom CSS/Graphics | Web Video | SEO Digital Cinema Florida is CMR Studios' sister company dedicated solely to the RED EPIC and RED ONE Digital Cinema cameras. Offering a complete picture of equipment and services, the site's design was based off the look of the cameras themselves. Embedded video displays the wide variety of footage the company has shot. SEO was integral to the site, attracting clients from as far away as England. View Video
1   The Diet Nag Logo Design | Custom CSS/Graphics | Blogging | SEO CMR Studios developed a whole company image for DietNag.com, a website aimed at keeping people on their diets through "subtle" reminders. Starting with logo design, a custom blog was developed, complete with RSS and email subscriptions to attract readers. Updated daily, this site ranks high amongst dieting keywords thanks to careful SEO. View Video
1   Bonati Institute Custom CSS/Graphics | Flash | Web Video The Bonati Institute, a world-class spinal surgery facility, wanted to share their successful techniques and remarkable patient outcomes through a comprehensive video on their website. Dr. Moffatt was filmed in the CMR Studios green screen studio and then paired with actual surgery footage from the Bonati Institute. A webpage was specifically designed around the video, which included information about the Institute and Dr. Bonati, links to patient stories, and options to download the video or email a link to a friend. View Video
1   Gas Bandit Blocker Custom CSS/Graphics | Web Video | Dynamic Forms | E-Cart | SEO After an initial video project with CMR, the makers of Gas Bandit Blocker decided to launch a product website to allow consumers to buy directly from the manufacturer. This site features the original TV spot we produced, compressed for web playback, and a secure shopping cart through PayPal. View Video
1   EPCOTblog.com Logo Design | Custom CSS/Graphics | Blogging | SEO EPCOTblog.com was created to become a new internet resource for Disney enthusiasts. Logo design and custom CSS was based off of retro EPCOT colors. Offering RSS subscriptions and a whole host of social bookmarking options, this site laid the groundwork for a new online community found easily in searches through optimal SEO. View Video
2 UnI Enterprises Logo Design | Custom CSS/Graphics | Dynamic Forms | E-Cart |
Admin Panel | SEO
UnI Enterprises travels the country recording various seminars and conferences. To boost sales, they needed to modernize their sales model by offering an online store. CMR delivered a complete branding campaign, starting with a new logo design and company color scheme. To increase traffic to the site, CMR also made custom business cards for UnI employees to distribute at their conferences. Their ever-growing catalog is maintained by the client themselves through an easy-to-use, custom-made admin panel. View Thumbnail
2   WRL Custom CSS/Graphics | Flash | Web Video This treatment was done for a pitch to overhaul WRL's corporate website. Offering many current-trend features, the homepage itself contained Flash content, RSS-updated news stories, site search and employee login. An additional project included making a virtual book of their agent guide. With flipping pages and easily accessed bookmarked content, it saved the company time and money with the ability to update content digitally instead of having to print thousands of new manuals. View Video
2   Little Blue Elephant Logo Design | Custom CSS/Graphics | Flash | Web Video | E-Cart Wonderful Products, Inc., came to CMR Studios with their Little Blue Elephant unique cleaning device, from which a whole branding campaign emerged. A logo was designed to give the product a memorable face. An online store was made, offering multiple packages on an easy to use interface. Flash content appears on multiple pages, showing off the benefits and simple installation process of the Blue Elephant. A TV commercial was also produced and later incorporated into web video for the site. View Video

Interactive Business

Flash animation is no longer bound to splash pages and banner ads. In fact, Flash has created new life for itself completely independent of the internet. CMR Studios has created a number of unique Flash applications for various clients that engage the audience, and in turn, better communicate their message.

Compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, these apps can be distributed through a wide variety of media, from USB thumbdrives at conventions to cds in store kiosks. We've injected life into mundane Powerpoint presentations through user interaction with clickable navigation, animation and quizzes. We're also the producers of MovieClips (seen below), an immersive cd-rom application that gives users access to the latest movie trailers and behind the scenes footage from Hollywood. This ADDY award-winning project is currently distributed nationally in 11 major theater chains.

If you're looking for a creative solution for your next project, consult our interactive media team for ideas on bringing your message to life.

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Online Video Marketing

If you are looking to generate leads or sell products directly, online video advertising is one of the most powerful elements in marketing. We have been re-purposing traditional commercials and video assets as web video for years. Now, integrating original content into your advertising campaign is our specialty. We can produce video of a virtual spokesperson for your site, direct response advertisements, podcasts, and even YouTube videos.

In the current economy, corporations are looking to be as efficient as possible while still providing information and training necessary to meet your goals. The reality is that meetings are costly. Using web video as an alternative, information can be distributed to your whole organization and be archived for reference.

But successful online integration of advertising campaigns and video requires expertise that comes with training and experience. Video and audio media has to be recorded, compressed and encoded properly using the right equipment and the latest techniques for flawless, high quality playback on all platforms. We have the facilities and expertise needed to do it right.

Contact Information for CMR Studios Directions to CMR Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida