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HD commercials, TV production & video with the RED EPIC and RED ONE cameras in Tampa, St. Petersburg, FL

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CMR Studios was one of the first facilities in the Tampa Bay area to offer HD video production capabilities. Then, we were the first studio in the market to acquire the RED ONE and EPIC Digital Cinema cameras. And when you choose CMR to shoot your video production, remember that we can complete your entire project in-house with our experienced post production staff.

We shoot on location in the Tampa metro area and all around the state of Florida. Our ultra-HD 8K EPIC-W and 5K EPIC-MX camera packages are the same cameras used in major motion pictures. CMR Studios also offers basic lighting packages able to be quickly transported to your set in our ready-to-roll grip truck. At our studio, a hard cyc green screen studio provides a flexible, convenient shooting space for a virtual spokesperson or web video.

We offer solutions for every kind of filming project. Our online portfolio features television spots, marketing and training tapes, technical and medical instruction, independent feature films, TV pilots, documentaries and web video. Whatever your needs are, CMR can help you create a production that's right for you.

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Storyboards, scripts, creative concept, writing productions that get results at CMR Studios Tampa, St. Petersburg

Production Planning Starts Here

We can start planning your next video project today! With our easy to use online Request for Quote form, we can gather preliminary information from you and begin the creative process.

We gladly provide scriptwriting services. Our creative team will meet with you and plan how to best meet your goals for the production. It also provides an opportunity get to know your business better so that we can tailor the project specifically to you.

Or if you have a script already, we can give you a fixed price bid on producing your project.

Armed with all that, we get to work. For commercials, we often sketch storyboards so you can easily visualize the finished spot. Once you approve the script, we: scout locations, select and audition talent, acquire or build props, plan wardrobe, schedule the shooting dates, book the talent, makeup artist, and any additional crew. We also obtain certificates of insurance and necessary film permits. It's a time consuming process that we take care of for you.

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Location Video Production

Red One HD production of scale model on CMR insert stage
CMR Studios on location with the Red One at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo
Video production director Mike Weber on location at a power plant construction site for a business video production in Tampa, FL
Tampa location HD video production crews, lighting, grip & camera support by CMR Studios
Three camera HD shoot by CMR Studios Tampa for children's television show pilot
Red One HD commercial production on location in St. Petersburg, FL

We shoot anywhere. We drive to all locations in the southern US and have taken our flight packs coast to coast. Location shooting is no small feat. Experience is the first necessity. Then there's the equipment.

Our camera package includes the state-of-the-art 8K RED EPIC-W and 5K EPIC-MX Digital Cinema Cameras with RED, Cooke and Zeiss cinema lenses. We have three Sony HDV cameras as well as two GoPros for POV and underwater HD shots. Wirelsess HDMI video monitors along with wired and wireless audio gear round out the technical packages. We have, a variety of fluorescent, LED and quartz instruments that can light mid-sized commercials and productions. A camera boom, vehicle mounts, Dana Dolly slider and a Matthews "Round-d-Round" doorway dolly are also in our inventory. All of it is ready to roll to anywhere in our grip truck.

Proper location selection is key to a project's success. Of course your location may actually be... your own. We have experience with a wide variety of businesses and offices, parks, city streets, highways, airports, schools, retail outlets, factories, and construction sites, as well as in and on cars, trucks, vans, boats, and buses. We scout locations that will fit the script, while paying particular attention to potential interference that would interrupt a shooting schedule.

There are always challenges when on location, but often it presents outstanding creative options and adds a new dynamic to every production.

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CMR Studios' Green Screen - As Not Seen On TV

Miss USA 2000 on green screen video studio stage with lighting & teleprompter at CMR Studios, Tampa, FL
Steve Young documentary interview with green screen studio video production in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida at CMR Studios
MOVIEClips green screen studio special effects compositing at CMR Studios, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida

A great green screen isn't seen. The final production just shows the location where you put your talent. On our in-house studio we shoot commercials, business videos, training and web videos. Out of town and independent prodcers can rent the ready to shoot stage by the hour with or without crew..

Our 12' x 14' hard-corner cyclorama lets you get head to toe shots usually reserved for much larget spaces. We most frequently use green screen magic to composite talent into any location or onto a virtual set. Shooting in Ultra HD with the 8K EPIC-W or 5K EPIC-MX camera allows for keying of the highest quality..

We can also paint the cyc for a seamless white backdrop or use black or color-lit canvas backdrops depending on the style needs of your project.

You have convenience and flexibility in a quiet, comfortable space that includes a lighting grid with the latest in cool, color corrected, high-intensity florescent studio lighting. Teleprompter services are also available on a large, crisp LCD screen. Most importantly, you're right down the hall from our HD post production and audio suites. All you need is right here.

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