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HD Tampa video production services at CMR Studios

HD Video Editing

Whether CMR shot your project or you brought in your own footage, we offer complete post production services in-house. Our HD suites offer you the flexibility of editing in today's most popular formats including HDCam, DVCPro HD, ProRes 422 and the Ultra HD 4k REDCODE workflow.

Our editing staff has decades of experience with award-winning tv commercials, documentaries, corporate videos and the latest trends in web video.

We connect through AJA and Blackmagic technologies that allow us to output your project to any output device you want. No matter what format you choose for your project, with expert compression techniques we'll deliver a final product in the highest HD quality possible at a very small file size.

HD video editing & post production by CMR Studios, Tampa, St. Petersburg, FL
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Color Correction & Compositing

You've probably heard the phrase "we'll fix it in post." Yes, sometimes it's just delaying dealing with a problem shot, but the truth is, the superior images expected in today's marketplace requires the talent of a colorist and compositor.

Color correction balances the color between shots and scenes, corrects problems, or increases the color content. Color grading lets us create a unique signature look, or even change the mood of scenes.

Then there is the magic of compositing. Using Shake, the same software relied upon for Academy Award winning movies, our compositors can do magic. Great chroma keying, 2D and 3D graphics, image stabilization, rotoscoping, wire removal and re-timing are all done in full HD resolution.

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3D Modeling & Animation

3D modeling and prototype animation by CMR Studios
blueprint and 3D rendering of Grilltamer product

Sometimes we need to create a virtual set, model of a product, or an animated character. If we need to make the object appear real, or seem dimensional, we start by making a 3D model that has all the properties of the real thing. Then we have the flexibility of bringing it to life in a simulated world, or inserting it into footage shot for that purpose. Our animator's work includes creating working manufacturing equipment from concept art allowing the demonstration of complex processes by "seeing" inside while it is in operation.

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Big Screen to Mobile Video

Once your production is completed, you want to maximize your investment by having it seen in as many places as possible. We started doing that four years ago when we began compressing TV spots for our clients to also post on their websites. The media landscape has changed considerably since then and continues to add options all the time. We can output your final video in any format you need as well as planning productions for specific mediums.

From theatrical release to broadcast, DVD, internet streaming or mobile video, using the latest compression software and codecs to ensure proper playback and platform compatibility. All the video you see right here on our site is a great example of our work.

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