Mar 05

infinity_thumb “To infinity and beyond” could be what you say when you walk down the hall to our green screen studio. Though it’s not big enough to hold a car the seamless horizon of our true “Infinity Wall” hard corner cyclorama (cyc) allows for shooting special effects in-house with full head to toe coverage and room for multiple talents. With a state-of-the-art florescent lighting grid bathing the space with color-corrected, even illumination, the camera views the seamless space as totally neutral. This allows for your on-camera talent to be digitally layered with graphics, backgrounds, virtual sets and even other talent or the same talent replicated. Equipped with the RED One and EPIC cameras and teleprompter, the studio stays busy on projects including commercials, corporate business videos, product demos, web videos and photo shoots. We regularly feature behind the scenes shots on our Facebook page. Give us a buzz and we’d be happy to show you around.

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