Feb 02

Like many times before, the call came from a production company out of town. They were coming to Florida to shoot a commercial in a few weeks and wanted to rent our RED ONE camera package. As usual they needed RED support with a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) and a 1st AC (Assistant Cameraman) but the details about the job were unusually slim. They said it was a two day shoot  at a stage in Orlando but couldn’t reveal any more. They completed the checklist of requested gear in the package, sent the deposit, an insurance certificate and that was the last I heard from them until I got the call sheet the evening before the shoot.

Tim Tebow Commercial Call SheetIt was Sunday. I was at home. I opened the email and read it, but ironically nothing stood out to me. I saw it was a large crew, shooting at Full Sail Studios in Orlando and the call time was 8am. I printed it out, put it on the kitchen counter and headed off to load the RED and gear for the trip. When I got back my wife said “You’re shooting a Super Bowl spot? That’s great.” I said “What are you talking about?” It turns out I had read all the details of the job except the big bold title on the front page Tebow Super Bowl Commercial. Suddenly it appeared that the job was going to be more interesting than expected.

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Mar 01

MOVIE Clips Virtual Theatre Lobby created by CMR Studios

Nationally Distributed MOVIE Clips CD-ROM Campaign Wins GOLD

A virtual movie theater on CD created by Tampa video and integrated media production company CMR Studios won two ADDY® awards including a Gold for interactive campaigns in the Tampa Bay Ad Fed competition. The CMR Studios staff created all of the content and programmed the interactive disc, designed and modeled virtual sets that included a highly interactive movie theater lobby, theater, arcade, screening rooms, a studio backlot and comiceven the rooftop skyline of Batman’s Gotham City. One disc in the series also contained exclusive content for the High School Musical films created by CMR for Walt Disney Studios.

Host Debra Schrils was shot in the CMR Tampa Bay green screen studio using the RED ONE digital cinema camera then composited into all of the locations and guide viewers through the many entertainment  options and disc interactivity.

Over a million of the CD-ROMs were distributed nationwide in theater lobbies by Capitol Color Mail. Released seasonally, the interactive program features previews for upcoming features from all of the major motion picture studios, advance screenings, movie themed games, exclusive behind the scene features, and even a virtual Batman comic series by DC Comics.

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With over 60,000 entries annually, the ADDY® Awards is the world’s largest advertising competition. Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation, the ADDYs represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising in all types of media. Read more about the geek culture, here.

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Jul 08

The highest state-of-the-art in video production has arrived in Tampa. CMR Studios is the first facility in Tampa Bay with the new RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera and to offer the complete RED workflow for production and post. The new camera shoots Ultra High Definition 4k images that are five times higher resolution than all previous HD cameras. The complete CMR RED camera package includes 35mm cine prime and zoom lenses by Zeiss and Cooke that provide the depth of field and selective focus usually associated with film cameras.

Among the first in the world, studio owner Mike Weber ordered the new RED ONE camera over a year and a half ago while it was still in development by the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company. The camera is unique because of the ultra high definition quality, dynamic range and file output in RAW format that is essentially digital film. Shooting on RED at 4K allows for delivery in several format resolutions from the same footage. Output can be 4K, 2K, HD 1080, HD 720, SD and even vertical HD for digital signage. Because the creative freedom in post-production is limitless, it is ideal for both cinematic images and special effects. The film “Wanted,” in theaters now, was shot using the RED ONE. In addition to feature film work CMR clients who will use the advanced camera include: indie films, broadcast, corporate marketing and advertising agencies who want to shoot national quality commercials.

CMR Studios can be booked to do all aspects of production and post using the RED ONE. The camera is also available for rental to qualified professionals anywhere in Florida. For more information visit http://www.RedOneFlorida.com.

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