Mar 05

infinity_thumb “To infinity and beyond” could be what you say when you walk down the hall to our green screen studio. Though it’s not big enough to hold a car the seamless horizon of our true “Infinity Wall” hard corner cyclorama (cyc) allows for shooting special effects in-house with full head to toe coverage and room for multiple talents. With a state-of-the-art florescent lighting grid bathing the space with color-corrected, even illumination, the camera views the seamless space as totally neutral. This allows for your on-camera talent to be digitally layered with graphics, backgrounds, virtual sets and even other talent or the same talent replicated. Equipped with the RED One and EPIC cameras and teleprompter, the studio stays busy on projects including commercials, corporate business videos, product demos, web videos and photo shoots. We regularly feature behind the scenes shots on our Facebook page. Give us a buzz and we’d be happy to show you around.

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Mar 01

MOVIE Clips Virtual Theatre Lobby created by CMR Studios

Nationally Distributed MOVIE Clips CD-ROM Campaign Wins GOLD

A virtual movie theater on CD created by Tampa video and integrated media production company CMR Studios won two ADDY® awards including a Gold for interactive campaigns in the Tampa Bay Ad Fed competition. The CMR Studios staff created all of the content and programmed the interactive disc, designed and modeled virtual sets that included a highly interactive movie theater lobby, theater, arcade, screening rooms, a studio backlot and comiceven the rooftop skyline of Batman’s Gotham City. One disc in the series also contained exclusive content for the High School Musical films created by CMR for Walt Disney Studios.

Host Debra Schrils was shot in the CMR Tampa Bay green screen studio using the RED ONE digital cinema camera then composited into all of the locations and guide viewers through the many entertainment  options and disc interactivity.

Over a million of the CD-ROMs were distributed nationwide in theater lobbies by Capitol Color Mail. Released seasonally, the interactive program features previews for upcoming features from all of the major motion picture studios, advance screenings, movie themed games, exclusive behind the scene features, and even a virtual Batman comic series by DC Comics.

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With over 60,000 entries annually, the ADDY® Awards is the world’s largest advertising competition. Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation, the ADDYs represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising in all types of media. Read more about the geek culture, here.

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Oct 21

Bonati Institute mini-site created by CMR Studios

The Bonati Institute found that potential patients wanted information about the advanced spinal treatments they offer, but there were not enough opportunities for the live seminars they conduct around the country. Plus it demanded a lot of the doctor’s time. Online seminars offered them time and cost savings. In addition they could reach more people.

We shot the HD video on our green screen stage and edited the project to insert graphic and video elements. The final production contains the same information that is presented in live seminars. We then created a mini-site that is contained within the Bonati site. It provides playback of this video with advanced chapter capability so the viewer can advance to specific points of interest. The rest of the mini-site contains text information and other patient videos.

The end result is more potential patients are reached, while the doctors spend more time in the operating room and less time in a hotel room.

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