Jul 31

Tampa Bay Video producer Mike Weber discuses video marketing on social media.Everywhere you look online you see the importance of integrating video into your marketing mix. Some statistics go so far as to imply that if you don’t have a video on your website or social media pages, you may as well hang a “closed” sign on your door because you are doomed to failure.

Using video now goes beyond the traditional commercial especially when used in a combination of seo and a website SEO checker. When properly implemented, it is an essential part of search engine optimization for your website, a powerful lead generator and a direct sale tool. For example, Forrester research found that your chance of being on page one of Google® search results is 53 time higher with a video on your website. An amazing 90% of shoppers find a video is helpful in making their online buying decisions. In short, if you aren’t using videos in your marketing, you are losing sales.

But, faced with deciding what to feature in your video and where to start can seem like a daunting task. After all, you don’t make videos for a living. How can the average person know how to do all the technical stuff necessary? Plus, writing a script or planning a video, hits most people with the proverbial writer’s block and they just give up.

My job is to do make creating your video easier. In this series of posts, I’ll go through the process step by step so you will know what to do, or what to expect from professionals you hire.

TOMORROW: Where to Start – Deciding on Your Message

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Mar 07

Video advertising used to be mass media. You made a commercial and put it on a TV station for everyone to see. Most of the people you paid for to see that video had no interest in what you were selling at that time, so they ignored it. The ones who needed what you were selling paid attention. The more people that saw your commercial, the more likely it was that you would sell something. It’s why Super Bowl® commercials are so expensive.  It’s also why TV is called BROADcasting.

PLay videos online by Tampa video production company CMR StudiosNow we have the luxury of inexpensively hammering that message nail home online to a specific group of people though targeting your prime potential clients with paid views in social media. Even better, you will also be reaching your own pre-qualified group of social media friends and followers, as well as website visitors for free.

Here are a couple of important points to consider:

Website landing pages with video have 64 – 300% more sales.

Videos used in email marketing increase your click-through rates by 96%  so include a link to your videos in the signature of every email you send or use it as a response to questions.

The thing to remember is to start by targeting the correct message to the specific audience you want to reach online. Generate income that way and then when your budget can stand it also include that broadcast market. That also can be targeted by selecting cable channels or TV shows that your audience is likely to watch. The TV salesperson or media buying agency can help you with that. When your targeted audience also sees the spots there, it will build your brand significantly while also reaching the people who are not connected with your online channels.

Determine this target audience right from the start of your planning. The script should be written with them in mind.

For additional help with growing YouTube Channel visit themarketingheaven.com.

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Feb 15

Get ready to binge watch videos from Facebook, and change your video production plans. They are making a big move to turn the social network into a destination for watching video with a new Facebook Video app for smart TVs, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. This pits them against YouTube, and will make a big difference in advertising spending, placement, and viewers’ attention It also will make creating quality, entertaining branded content even more important. It also makes a ne revenue stream available to creators because Facebook will have a new strategy of paying creators for exclusive professional video content.

The app will initially be available on app stores for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV, with other devices to come.

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