Aug 04

Tampa Video Production Company CMR Studios gets 5 star Google reviews

Your business or best-selling product must have some fans. You need to use their words to sell for you. Get reviews and use them. There is nothing you can say that carries as much weight as the words from someone who plunked down their own cash to buy your stuff, and then was happy about it.

A review video is one of the easiest to create, because they have done the writing for you. Now making that review video pretty isn’t quite as simple. It involves animating the words in an attractive graphic image so that they become a real video. Just like in your business, it takes the right tools to do that. You need to layer the text over a background image or video. You see that done all the time on TV commercials. It may seem simple, you may already do that sort of thing in Photoshop. But what looks simple actually takes animation software and more importantly, knowing how to use it properly. That’s where a video production company can save you time and money. They also have an Art Director who is a full-time professional trained to make it look like the commercials we see on TV and like what your prospective customer expects. Your video needs to be professional and represent you well, or it won’t work.

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