Aug 03

It is very common to see advertisements that talk about the features of a product. They make the viewer draw their own conclusions about whether those features actually mean anything significant enough to move them to a sale. You need to draw a connection between the features and explain how they benefit the user by making it personal.

That is the difference between features and benefits. Here’s an example:

Benfits in video productionThe features of a pencil would be:  It’s made of wood, has a graphite center and a rubber tip.

The benefits of a pencil are: It is your perfect word processor. A pencil allows you to write down your thoughts, remember them later and pass them on to others. It requires no batteries or power. It also allows you to change your mind or correct mistakes with ease.

As a video script that might translate to: You’ve run out of milk again. It seems that even though you tell others in your family to get milk at the store, nobody seems to remember it. End this frustration with the “Acme” pencil. Use it to make a note on any handy piece of paper anywhere. It will remind everyone what you need. Do you already have milk but you’re out of bread? No problem. Just use the convenient eraser end to remove milk from the list, and then add bread. Order your “Acme” pencil online before Monday and get a pad of paper free.

Of course, there are many more benefits of a pencil, but you get the idea. Your customer wants to hear how you can help them solve a problem. They want their own story, not yours. You present a problem. Then introduce your product solution. Wrap it up with how to get your product, and a limited time offer to encourage prompt reply. Sure it’s not an award winning piece or creativity, but it’s effective. It’s the tried and true format of every direct marketing advertisement and has sold millions of dollars of products. It will work for you too. Do it today!

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