Aug 02

yourwebsite video production content sourceYour website provides you with easy resources for your marketing video. You’ve already done the initial legwork to build that. It also makes adding a video using that content part of a true advertising campaign. Your “about us” page is a great place to get content for a generic video or one that introduces your professional services. But remember, the main reason you are making your video is to get business or sell a specific product. Never lose sight of that goal. And remember to stick with just one product or service per video. There is a temptation to tell everyone about everything you do to build brand identity. You have to stick to that single video subject discipline to be successful. Video viewers have a short attention span and multiple topics can confuse them. If you have more to say, do it in multiple videos. Plus, make your videos produce a return on investment by actually selling something or getting a solid lead. Build your brand by selling, not by just talking about yourself. It will pay off right away.

Start with your product and service pages to get ideas. What is your best-selling product or service? Use that one first and create a terrific offer for it. Though ideally we are going to sell a product, it may be that you offer a service. In that case offer a discounted consultation or even free report in exchange for contact information. It’s called a “lead magnet”. Get very specific with your lead magnet. It doesn’t mean that is all that you do, but selling that one great product will build your reputation and by extension, your brand. It also generates a new customer that you can then market your other items to.

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