Aug 01

The biggest mistake you can make when producing a marketing video is too much content.

Your video message needs to be focused. (pun intended) Think of a bed of nails. A Yogi can lay on that and not get hurt because his weight is distributed over many small points. But you may have stepped on a single nail at some point and know what happens. You get the same result by targeting your video with a single message. It punches though. If you have more that you want to say, make another video

Sticking with a single message also simplifies the process dramatically. You eliminate the process of fitting all that stuff together so it makes sense. Think of your video as a story. It has to have a beginning where you present a problem, then you introduce your product or service solution, and you conclude with a “call to action” where you tell the viewer where they can get that solution. Start planning your video with the end in mind and make sure you have an offer to close the sale.

TOMORROW: Picking The Subject

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