Jul 08

The highest state-of-the-art in video production has arrived in Tampa. CMR Studios is the first facility in Tampa Bay with the new RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera and to offer the complete RED workflow for production and post. The new camera shoots Ultra High Definition 4k images that are five times higher resolution than all previous HD cameras. The complete CMR RED camera package includes 35mm cine prime and zoom lenses by Zeiss and Cooke that provide the depth of field and selective focus usually associated with film cameras.

Among the first in the world, studio owner Mike Weber ordered the new RED ONE camera over a year and a half ago while it was still in development by the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company. The camera is unique because of the ultra high definition quality, dynamic range and file output in RAW format that is essentially digital film. Shooting on RED at 4K allows for delivery in several format resolutions from the same footage. Output can be 4K, 2K, HD 1080, HD 720, SD and even vertical HD for digital signage. Because the creative freedom in post-production is limitless, it is ideal for both cinematic images and special effects. The film “Wanted,” in theaters now, was shot using the RED ONE. In addition to feature film work CMR clients who will use the advanced camera include: indie films, broadcast, corporate marketing and advertising agencies who want to shoot national quality commercials.

CMR Studios can be booked to do all aspects of production and post using the RED ONE. The camera is also available for rental to qualified professionals anywhere in Florida. For more information visit http://www.RedOneFlorida.com.

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