Jul 10

CMR Studios in St. Petersburg has been awarded a contract for post production services on “Descansos,” a independent film featuring Gary Busey, Charles Durning, and supermodel Cindy Taylor. The film takes its name from a Spanish word – Descansos – which means “resting places.” It tells the story of a man compelled to rid the world of roadside memorials to victims of traffic accidents. He ends up trapped on a remote island where he must face his inner fears and conflicts after he meets a mysterious woman who tends one of those crosses. The film is being finished in one of CMR Studios’ Final Cut HD suites by senior editor Rich Roddman. Work includes the final edit, color correction and compositing the special effects. Mike Weber is overseeing the dialogue replacement, sound effects, Foley and the final mix of the audio track in their ProTools audio suite. Produced by Gulf+Atlantic Films, written and directed by J. Michael Kipikash the film was shot entirely in the Tampa area. The production team includes LA Based composer Don James and Midwest based effects house Dimension-X. Since the project collaborators are geographically separated they are utilizing a web-based workflow, sharing the digital video and audio files over the internet as they are completed. CMR has also been providing compressions of the trailers in Macromedia Flash and the new Apple H.264 codecs for superior quality in online video viewing by distributors and film festival organizers.

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